Aparna Bhatnagar Saxena

Aparna Bhatnagar Saxena holds the esteemed position of CEO at TORAJAMELO, an inclusive, women-led impact business dedicated to collaborating with women-led weaving and artisan communities throughout Indonesia, with a particular focus on Sulawesi, NTT, and West Timor. As an entrepreneur with a deep passion for causes related to women, children, education, the future of food, and the environment, Aparna exemplifies a commitment to positive change. She has also launched ahana.co this year as a multi brand showcase for ethical and ecofriendly businesses across Indonesia With nearly two decades of professional experience, Aparna has made her mark in various companies across South East Asia and India. Her impressive career includes roles at renowned organizations such as DHL, Lazada, and Lion Parcel. She brings a wealth of expertise and an extensive network spanning diverse industries, including logistics, e-commerce, education, startup incubators, and plant-based businesses.