Arconesia is an agritech company based in Sumatra, Indonesia, dedicated to supporting smallholder farmers in adopting intercropping and agroforestry systems. As a comprehensive one-stop platform, Arconesia provides farmers with access to funding, cultivation assistance, and guaranteed post-harvest markets for their intercropping commodities.

Currently, Arconesia is focusing on an intercropping project with oil palm. Through this initiative, Arconesia helps farmers diversify their income streams and achieve positive environmental impacts. The project enhances land efficiency, prevents deforestation, and increases carbon sequestration.


Product and Services:

Arconesia is currently the only agritech platform in Indonesia offering end-to-end upstream services for farmers implementing intercropping or agroforestry systems, particularly in the oil palm sector. These services include:

A. Access to collateral-free financing from partner institutions

B. Guaranteed markets for intercropping commodities such as watermelon, melon, and banana

C. Ongoing cultivation guidance from expert agronomists throughout the project

D. Access to eco-friendly and renewable technologies, including drip irrigation, solar-powered water pumps, and organic materials.