A social enterprise focusing on a circular economy that aims to solve plastic pollution, deforestation, mitigate the effect of climate change and solve rural poverty through the use of Bamboo and Technology

  • The Philippines

BAMBUHAY is a multi-awarded social enterprise that aims to solve plastic pollution, deforestation, mitigate the effect of climate change and solve rural poverty though the use of BAMBOO and TECHNOLOGY.

BAMBUHAY impacted 13,910 farmers or equivalent to 2,782 families of farmers providing them with sustainable livelihood, employment opportunities and relief assistance. Sixtyeight (68) families are already out of poverty and have a sustainable source of income. Farmers increased their monthly income from below US$ 60 to US$ 200 up to US$ 520. And, for the environmental impact, we eliminated around 1,100 tons of plastics or equivalent to 6,600 tons of Co2 eliminated from the environment and planted almost 40 thousands of trees and Bamboo’s.

Product & Services

  1. A plantable toothbrush that can be grown into a tree or bamboo after three months of use
  2. Natural carbon-infused soft bristles
  3. Reusable bamboo straw
  4. Bamboo vinegar
  5. Bamboo handle
  6. Bamboo casing to minimise absorption of water

The founder of BAMBUHAY, Mark Sultan Gersava, is an award-winning social entrepreneur who creates opportunities for better livelihoods for the marginalized in the Philippines by building a venture around manufacturing earth friendly products to replace those that cause toxic wastes ​

He founded Bambuhay with a capital of just P10,000. (source: )​

Mark Gersava: Mr. Gersava is the founder and chief executive farmer of Bambuhay. A food scientist by profession and an agripreneur and ecopreneur by passion. He is a son of a farmer and a farmer himself from Sultan Kudarat Province and a multi-awarded social entrepreneur for his dedication in uplifting the lives of the farmers. He won the Entrepreneurship World Cup Philippines and will represent the country in the 2019 Entrepreneurship World Cup in Saudi Arabia together with 160 winners around the world. He was also a grand winner in the 2019 Startupper of the Year in Paris, Top 10 Social Enterprises in Asia, Top 10 Social Entrepreneurs in the Philippines, Top Asean Eco-Preneurs, and recipient of the National Leadership Award in Community Service. He is a certified project management trainer.