Bamnang Academy

My Habit Academy is a business concept that originated in 2020. Between 2020 and 2023, we built diverse supporting enterprises, such as Bamnang Creative Innovation, a creative agency, as a first step in the plan. My Habit Bookstore and CBC Bookstore both sell books and productivity items, so once we completed our beginning strategy and obtained some partnership information, customer behaviour, etc., both co-founders were heading to the United States to pursue their master’s degrees in communication and political science. The primary goal is to build relationships with foreign organisations and institutions to form future partnerships with My Habit Academy.


Product and Services:

My Habit Academy is a social enterprise dedicated to enhancing education in Cambodia, aligning with Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4). Our research and experience have shown that Cambodian youth often need access to critical information regarding educational opportunities. Many need to be aware of available scholarships or how to enhance their productivity. The academy aims to motivate increased participation in educational activities beyond the classroom or workplace, including conferences, research presentations, exchange programs, and workshops, thereby enriching their educational journey and societal contributions.

In the second phase, we plan to launch My Habit Academy, focusing on three core areas: productivity tools, a development program (including conferences, exchange programs, workshops, etc.), and a youth organisation. Our vision extends beyond national boundaries, aiming to establish an international community.