Barrio Studios

Barrio Studios is a textile recycling hub in the Philippines. We reclaim, recycle, and reimagine textile waste through responsible waste management and sustainable manufacturing.
We give new life to pre-consumer fabric waste through #sewstainable recycling solutions, manufacturing services, and capacity-building programs for women.
Barrio Studios envisions a future with a circular textile economy. We champion textile recycling by helping companies become more sustainable and empowering women to become partners in the green economy.


Product and Services:

Barrio Studios embodies responsible production and sustainable consumption through our unique approach to pre-consumer textile waste: Reclamation, Recycling, and Reimagining.

Reclamation: We partner with businesses to responsibly manage textile waste by diverting it from landfills, freeing up space, and minimizing environmental pollution.

Recycling: Barrio Studios reintegrates reclaimed fabrics back into the market through our sustainable fabric shop, offering deadstock, end-of-rolls, offcuts, and reimagined fabrics. This empowers both consumers and producers to participate in a circular textile economy.

Reimagining: Barrio Studios goes beyond recycling by offering eco-friendly corporate gifting solutions. We reimagine traditional promotional items like tote bags and pillows using 100% reclaimed fabrics, handcrafted by our partner artisan-mothers. These gifts empower women while minimizing waste.

#Sewstainable Together: Barrio Studios extends the life of textiles and fosters a greener future.