Bumi Journey

Bumi Journey is a social enterprise breaking new ground in sustainable tourism, which is regenerative tourism. We educate companies and travellers to become regenerative tourists, fostering positive environmental and social impact through their journeys. We achieve this by providing immersive educational experiences and crafting impactful CSR and company outing trips that leave a lasting positive footprint on destinations.
At Bumi Journey, our vision is to redefine the essence of travel by embracing and advancing the principles of regenerative tourism. We are committed to crafting experiences that prioritise sustainability and actively contribute to the restoration and rejuvenation of our natural world. Our mission is crystallised through three core impacts:

  • Empowering local communities
  • Fostering the regeneration of nature
  • Enhancing well-being by deepening the connection between individuals and the environment

These pillars guide our journey as we strive to set a new standard for mindful and transformative travel.


Product and Services:

We go beyond minimising environmental impact. Our travel experiences are meticulously designed to reduce any negative impact of travelling and allow travellers to contribute to the destination that they visit.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Education is Key: We believe informed travellers make responsible choices. Our journeys are infused with educational experiences that foster a deeper understanding of local cultures, environmental challenges, and conservation efforts.
  2. Impactful Experiences: Forget passive sightseeing. We offer hands-on activities like coral planting, mangrove restoration, and traditional craft workshops. These activities directly contribute to local sustainability initiatives.
  3. Building Partnerships: We collaborate with local communities and NGOs to ensure our trips benefit everyone involved. Local guides and experts share their knowledge, while profits support community development projects.
  4. CSR & Company Outings with Purpose: We craft impactful CSR and company outing trips. Your team can participate in conservation projects, learn about sustainable practices, and bond while making a positive difference.

Bumi Journey Difference:

  1. Measurable Impact: We track our trips’ environmental and social impacts. From trees planted to waste diverted, you’ll see the tangible results of your journey.
  2. Authentic Connections: We prioritize authentic experiences that foster genuine connections with local people and places.
  3. Long-Term Vision: We’re not just about one-off adventures. We strive to build long-term relationships with destinations and communities, ensuring lasting positive change.

Travelling with Bumi Journey isn’t just a vacation; it’s a journey with purpose. Become a regenerative tourist, explore breathtaking destinations, and leave the world slightly better than you found.