Cofarm – Farm For Local

Cofarm – Farm For Local is a social enterprise in Laos that revolutionises agriculture through sustainable and data-driven hydroponics farming practices. Our mission is to empower farmers, promote food security, and contribute to environmental sustainability.

We establish partnerships with local farmers and restaurants, connecting them through a centralised co-farming system. By providing farmers with market information and training on hydroponics, Cofarm improves livelihoods, reduces reliance on imported produce, and enhances food security while fostering a more sustainable and inclusive agricultural landscape in Laos.

  • Lao PDR

Product and Services:

CoFarm revolutionizes urban farming for local farmers with their “CoFarm Franchise” package, providing comprehensive services, tools, and training. They ensure high-quality and safe produce through Good Agricultural Practices and strict quality control. Using hydroponics technology, they offer year-round cultivation, guaranteeing a consistent supply of fresh vegetables regardless of seasons. Customers can trace the origin and cultivation details of each vegetable, fostering transparency. CoFarm’s streamlined supply chain offers competitive pricing and cost efficiency. By supporting local farmers and promoting sustainable practices, customers can contribute to positive social and environmental impact. Their data-driven approach ensures efficient delivery and value to customers.