CyberKid implements an ecosystem of 3 non-profit solutions for Children and one for-profit solution for Parents. To be more specific,

  1. CyberSchool provides free 45 to 90-minute “Internet Safety” classes for primary, middle, and high schools to raise awareness and skills of using the Internet safely and effectively and equip digital literacy, ensuring digital readiness for children and youth. The high level of interaction among students, the curriculum, and volunteers, facilitated by the small class size, enhances students’ ability to absorb knowledge. Besides,CyberSchool acquires a robust dissemination strategy characterised by depth, breadth, and age-appropriate engagement within the community. It extends beyond its core beneficiary group of school-aged children by actively mobilising diverse stakeholders, including schools, educators, project coordinators, and volunteers. We successfully implemented the “Internet Safety” classes for students ranging from grade 3 to grade 9 in 115 schools nationwide, equipping over 79,000 children with knowledge and skills to protect themselves in the online environment.
  2. CyberClass is a solution for early talents, providing 100% free online courses to discover and foster talents in cybersecurity. Cybersecurity experts constantly assess students’ competence throughout the courses. Then, students with great potential have their information sent to IT schools, related educational centres, and institutions for further talent nurturing in cybersecurity from an early age. 1,598 students are joining our programs under the supervision of 25 cybersecurity experts.
  3. CyberHotline is a solution for victims, providing free psychological counselling, support, and first aid services to children and youth who are victims of online harms and threats. CyberHotline focuses on initial psychological support and stabilises the mental well-being of the victims – an essential start for carrying out further assistance steps effectively and appropriately. A high level of effectiveness is maintained through continuous cooperation and follow-up with the victim for 1-3 months during counselling, ensuring victims are not alone on their journey to self-protection. Our crisis response agent team has assisted 102 cases of victims attacked in cyberspace.
  4. CyberHome is a paid solution for families. It provides diverse educational content to enhance digital skills through flexible combinations of educational and entertaining formats, aiming to help Vietnamese families prepare for the digital transformation era. CyberHome’s revenue is also the cash flow reinvested in CyberKids’ non-profit solutions for Children, including CyberSchool, CyberClass, and CyberHotline. Over 150 parents graduated from our training courses on protecting, supporting, and accompanying their children in the online space.


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