Dao Ethical Gifts

Dao Ethical Gifts (DEG), a social enterprise model powered by Baan DekFoundation (BDF), provides customizable and unique products, handmade by marginalized women with locally sourced materials, as an alternative to traditional corporate gifts

  • Thailand

Dao Ethical Gifts empowers women through upskills training, education, life coaching and support.

We exist to help marginalized women in construction campsites and urban slums in Chiang Mai.

Product & Services

  • Skill development: training in work readiness, serving and handicraft
  • Coaching on goal setting for life changes (problemsolving, financial literacy, small business plan)
  • Dao ethical gifts: handmade by women in need identified through Dao’s Women Empowerment program.

Dao Ethical Gifts are handmade by women in need identified through the Dao Women’s Empowerment Program of Baan Dek Foundation (www.baandekfoundation.org), which allows these women to gain income to help improve their lives and the lives of their families. ​

Dao Ethical Gifts Company Ltd. is powered by Baan Dek Foundation as a social enterprise model, and is currently under mentorship of the Social Enterprise Thailand Association. Baan Dek Foundation leverages its expertise to reach out to vulnerable women and their families living in urban slums in Chiang Mai. Dao aims to empower critically marginalized mothers, children, and communities to end cycles of poverty and violence.​

There are currently 51 Dao artisans, 223 women empowered, and 310 trainings conducted.

Source: https://daoethicalgifts.com/about-us