Farrell Tan

Farrell is currently a consultant at Soristic Impact Collective, a social impact consultancy providing programme and impact evaluation, research consulting, and capacity building to a wide range of clients such as non-profit organisations, philanthropic organisations and private corporations. Prior to joining Soristic, Farrell led the impact finance work at the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise, and with this team, managed a portfolio of more than 15 investees and over 80 grant-funded social enterprises. He was also involved in the development of new innovative financing structures to catalyse new impact-oriented capital into the social enterprise sector. He was also previously involved in private equity for the private and public sector. In his time as an investment manager at an investment fund owned by a government economic agency, he evaluated investment opportunities in high growth enterprises in sectors such as marine and offshore, precision engineering, clean technology and logistics. He is also currently pursuing a PhD in Social Innovation and Sustainability at Thammasat University.