Febriadi Pratama

Febriadi brings over a decade of hands-on experience in the tech sector, always seeking innovative ways to address challenges. His entrepreneurial path began in 2012, which eventually led him to help co-founded Gringgo in 2015. There, as the initial Chief Technology Officer, he laid the groundwork for its web-based platform. His proficiency lies in research and data analysis, which has been evident in his tenure with Gringgo. Febriadi contributed to several initiatives, notably collaborating on projects with the USAID and a Google-backed initiative aimed at managing plastic waste in Indonesia. Throughout his career, Febriadi has worked alongside a diverse set of stakeholders, emphasizing open communication and teamwork. Educated at ITB with a degree in Interior Design and a Master’s in Public Policy from SGPP, Febriadi currently balances dual roles at Gringgo as CEO and Head of Foundation foundation.