Fly Technology Agriculture

Our mission is to to advocate on responsible consumption and production concept

  • Malaysia

The organization aims to raise awareness & address environmental issues through green science and technology to ensure sustainability and promote environmental conservation value organic waste into valuable protein through biotech. We aim to bring an end to food wastage in this day and age where such practices are commonly seen from home to restaurants. Our company runs a sustainability consultancy and provides food waste management through the use of Black Soldier Flies. Aside from that, we also aim to help local farmers who are vulnerable to having the prices of their fresh produce discriminated against to transport their vegetables or fruits to the city without any secondary intermediaries. Our biggest mission, vision, and goal altogether is to put a stop to food wasting.

We want to make impact in reducing food waste problem in our hometown through green science and technology. Currently, to tackle this issue, we are helping our local rural smallholder farmers in transporting their fresh produces to town due to their transportation problem during this pandemic outbreak. By helping them, we contribute to their household income, livelihood and prevent their fresh produces from going to waste. With their constant supply of fresh produce, we have created surplus food processing to tackle unmarketable and overflow supply of fresh produces.

Product & Services

  1. Organic Waste collection & management services
  2. Education Workshop
  3. Sustainable Farming workshop/course services to government, agency, corporate, commercial farmer
  4. Social Sustainability:
    • Farmer Leader Program
    • Community Cooperative

Awarded in events such as Magic Social Entrepreneurship, myHarapan, and Shell Livewire (Shell Top Ten Innovators Award 2018)​.

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