Genqu (Al-Huffaz Management)

Al-Huffaz Management acts as a bridge (platform) that connects certified Al-Quran teachers with students who wish to learn Al-Quran. Al-Huffaz is open to everyone interested in learning the Al-Quran, regardless of age, and is flexible with time, place, and date. Al-Huffaz is a dynamic venture that has grown exponentially, connecting over 200 Al-Quran teachers with over 2000 students across the nation. Our mission is to bring the teachings of Al-Quran to the homes of those eager to learn.

Al-Huffaz was founded by Loqman, an accomplished entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and educator based in Brunei Darussalam. As a seasoned professional, his diverse background includes serving as the youngest Advisory Board member for the Children and Young People Act and lecturing on Entrepreneurship at Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University.

Besides teaching, Al-Huffaz offers various other religious services such as Bacaan Doa Selamat (Prayers Recital), Surah Yaasin, Tahlil and Do’a Arwah (Tahlil Recitation). The company also caters to leadership programs and Offers a Hafazan workshop/ memorisation of the Al-Quran camp. We also help the underprivileged to learn Al-Quran for free under the initiative of Brunei Darussalam Islamic Bank and the Department of Community Development, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports. We call it the Baiti, Baitul Quran (My House, House of Quran).

Other services include:

  • Recitation of 30 Juz of Al-Quran, Tahlil Recitation, and Prayers Recital by qualified graduates from Institute Tahfiz Al-Quran Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah.
  • Conduct Al-Quran and Iqra classes for all ages.
  • Recite the Al-Quran and Adhan (the Islamic call for prayer), particularly for Islamic house-warming parties.
  • Provide customers with qualified imams for Taraweeh Prayers (the Ramadhan season).
  • Provide customers with female Tausyeh groups (upon request), usually for female-only events. We provide customers with individual Al-Quran and Iqra teachers.
  • Provide Qurban services around the world. Especially for Hajj season.

Meanwhile, Al-Huffaz will gather all the public or youth trying to raise funds and help those in need if there is a house fire or house collapse.

Brunei Darussalam

Product and Services:

  • The teachers are highly qualified and certified by Brunei’s Islamic Council. Al-huffaz’s core activity is matching a pool of local Al-Quran educators to provide classes to customers’ homes across Brunei and abroad with flexibility in time and place. Most of the educators are university graduates, and one of al-huffaz’s main missions is to help lower the high employment rates of religious backgrounds and nurture the Al-Quran literate generation worldwide.
  • Product Quality: Approved and certified by Religious Council of Brunei