Hinablon sa Cebu

Hinablon sa Cebu is a thriving social enterprise that emerged from a community extension project initiated by Cebu Technological University (CTU). Founded with the aim of revitalising the handloom weaving industry in Argao, Cebu, Philippines, Hinablon sa Cebu collaborates with private and government sectors to provide sustainable livelihood opportunities for marginalised communities. With the support of CTU and various stakeholders – including the Department of Trade and Industry – the enterprise has access to essential resources, equipment, and technical training programs.

Hinablon sa Cebu not only prioritises economic development, but also focuses on capacity building, product innovation, and market expansion to empower the weavers and create a positive impact on their lives and the community. By weaving together tradition, innovation, and social impact, the Hinaablon sa Cebu embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship, making a profound difference in the lives of weavers and the local community. Through its commitment to social and economic well-being, Hinablon sa Cebu embodies the vision of CTU as a community-responsive premier university.

  • The Philippines

Product and Services:

Hinablon Sa Cebu offers handwoven products, fashion accessories, and home accents enhanced with exquisite hand printing and embroidery. Their value lies in providing personalized, culturally significant works of art, supporting local artisans, and offering unique and socially responsible choices for customers.