Hope Sewing Enterprise

HOPE Sewing Enterprise was formally registered as a social enterprise in 2022 after almost a decade of running a sewing business as part of our charity.
Vision: We envision women in rural areas developing self-confidence and becoming role models for their families and communities. Mission: To empower women to become self-sufficient by providing sewing skill training, life skill lessons, and mentorship.


  1. Provide employment to women so they can become self-sufficient and lift families out of poverty.
  2. Generate profit to fund its operation and ongoing programs at HHA Cambodia.
  3. Promote a sustainable and zero-waste lifestyle through creative product designs.
  4. Improve product quality and efficiency of team members.

Our focus is on environmentally friendly products; they are reusable, cut down on waste, and are built to last. We also take a variety of customised orders and offer the following: Gifts, Homewares & Decorations, Zero-Waste lifestyle, Modern and traditional Clothing, Stationary and accessories, Uniform, Consignment, Wholesale, and retail.


Product and Services:

HOPE Sewing is dedicated to creating sustainable products that promote a zero-waste lifestyle and significantly reduce waste. Our handcrafted items encompass a wide range of categories, including souvenirs, stationery, gifts, homewares, uniforms, and decorations. Each product is meticulously crafted from recycled materials, ensuring it can be reused or repurposed.

What sets our products apart is the careful selection of materials. Our manager handpicks each component, from fabrics to hooks and zippers, ensuring high quality and uniqueness in every piece. Our team of seamstresses is made up of women from the local community, all of whom are graduates of the sewing program. They earn a fair wage and are provided with continuous development opportunities, which help improve their families’ financial situations and overall well-being.

The impact of purchasing our products extends beyond the individual sewists. The revenue generated from sales is reinvested into our organisation, funding supplementary education, vocational training, and community support programs for marginalised Cambodians. This holistic approach empowers individual workers and uplifts the broader community by providing essential resources and support.

HOPE Sewing takes pride in being 100% locally led, ensuring our initiatives are culturally relevant and effectively address the community’s needs. By prioritising local leadership, we foster a sense of ownership and commitment to sustainable practices within the community. Through our efforts, we aim to inspire others to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle and support sustainable practices.