Kilang Reroot

To operate a central sustainable agribusiness in producing and processing imperfect food in Brunei Darussalam by constantly innovating rejected and surplus produce into edible food productions

  • Brunei Darussalam

Climate Action in tackling food waste and food consumption in Brunei Darussalam. A business organisation striving to generate profit through goods and services towards a green and sustainable lifestyle in Brunei.

Kilang ReRoot has a vision of building a dynamic and innovative community in minimising food waste, upcycling food produce into new products, and adopting sustainable practices in our daily lives thus, striving towards a zero waste and healthy green lifestyle. In order to do this, its mission is to promote eco-friendly local products for sustainable living in Brunei Darussalam by becoming environmentally conscious of food production, packaging, consumption and waste recovery. The project will primarily focus on fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables. Kilang ReRoot will be collaborating with small local businesses to promote eco-products and eco-living lifestyle to build a zero waste community together.

Product & Services

Love All Flaws” Box:

  1. Rejected & Surplus food from retailers manufactured into food products for customers.
  2. Received donations and redistribute the donations to the community.

Environmental campaign

On 2021, Kilang Reroot was choosen for the YSEALI Seeds Grants that helped kickstart and support their project. Here’s what the team have to say in their interview with YEASEALI:​

“Despite being the first NGO to specifically address the issue of food waste, we have been receiving support from the public and have our projects being acknowledged by various organisations in Brunei. One of our earlier content when we first started was doing Instagram takeovers where the members of our team tried out kitchen hacks and random challenges to help reduce food waste. While we intended to “teach” others, we also received new lessons from our followers when they shared their own tips on reducing food waste. Not only are we sharing the lessons we’ve learned to others, we also managed to learn from our own audience. This made us realise that there is a community who shares the same passion and interest, thus the endless support motivates us to keep moving forward! Kilang ReRoot hopes to provide a platform for Bruneians to talk more about sustainable lifestyle and going green to help our biodiversity”.​