LeLao is a visionary fashion enterprise from Laos, blending traditional heritage with sustainable innovation. We champion eco-friendly practices and ethical craftsmanship to create impactful fashion. Celebrating Lao culture, our collections protect the planet and empower local communities, showcasing the richness of Lao heritage globally. LeLao is reimagining fashion where style meets sustainability, proving that responsible fashion can be elegant and influential, all while making a profound statement from Laos to the world.


Product and Services:

At LeLao, we create elegance with consciousness. Our products are more than textiles; they celebrate Lao heritage, craftsmanship, and sustainable practices. Each piece in our collection is a testament to the rich cultural traditions of Laos, skilfully crafted by the local community, who have perfected their techniques over generations.

Unique Features

Handcrafted Excellence: Every item is meticulously handcrafted using age-old traditional methods, from intricate weaving textiles and world heritage motifs into a product.

Sustainable Materials: We are committed to environmental responsibility. Our products are made from eco-friendly, ethically sourced materials. We minimise waste and reduce our ecological footprint using dead-stock yarns and natural dyes.

Cultural Authenticity: Our designs are deeply rooted in Lao culture. Inspired by traditional motifs and patterns, we blend heritage with contemporary aesthetics, creating timeless and modern pieces.

Empowerment of Artisans: Through our SEAM (Skill Empowerment for Apparel Making) and REACHED (Reaching, Empowerment for Artisan Collaboration in Handicraft through Ethical and Development) project, we empower vulnerable communities by providing skill development opportunities, fair wages, and access to global markets.

Economic Empowerment: By partnering with local artisans, we help improve their livelihoods, ensuring they receive fair compensation and recognition for their work. This not only supports individual artisans but also strengthens their communities economically.

Cultural Preservation: In an era of fast fashion, LeLao is a guardian of tradition. Promoting and preserving traditional Lao crafts, we help keep these ancient arts alive for future generations.
Environmental Sustainability: Our commitment to sustainable practices extends beyond materials. We implement eco-friendly production processes and support a circular economy, contributing to a healthier planet.

LeLao distinguishes itself in the market through its unwavering dedication to quality, sustainability, and cultural authenticity. While many brands focus on mass production, we prioritise craftsmanship and the human touch. Our products are not just fashion items; they are pieces of art that carry the legacy of Lao culture.