LindungiHutan is an impact startup that focuses on environmental conservation and people empowerment through reforestation and afforestation initiatives. Founded in Semarang, Central Java Province, on December 18, 2016, LindungiHutan aims to bridge the gap between our local community partners in their green activities and public or corporations who want to fund the project using technologies. Currently, LindungiHutan has planted 828K trees in 51 locations across Indonesia.


Product and Services:

LindungiHutan’s green initiatives consist of three key products and services: a Digital Platform, Reforestation Service, and Carbon Measurement. For the technology (Digital Platform), LindungiHutan provides an innovative online platform that encourages public participation in tree planting and forest conservation.

Through this platform, people can contribute to reforestation efforts by funding tree-planting activities anywhere, anytime. In reforestation services, LindungiHutan helps businesses and companies to pursue their positive impacts and helps to fund our local community partners in 51 areas to preserve the environment and forest by replanting activities.

LindungiHutan also continues to innovate in the face of today’s challenge of measuring our impact by developing a digital carbon calculator and measuring tools that enhance public awareness about current issues.