LJD Corporation

LJD Corporation stems from a deep-rooted commitment to combating plastic waste in our beloved state of Sabah, Malaysia. Driven by a passion for environmental sustainability and social empowerment, LJD Corporation was established with the vision of making a meaningful difference in our community. It was founded by Saila Saidie, an award-winning humanitarian journalist who dedicated eight years of her life to working for Sabah’s leading news portal.

At LJD Corporation, we are dedicated to transforming waste into opportunity, breathing new life into discarded materials while simultaneously uplifting marginalised communities. Through our initiatives, we strive to raise awareness, foster education, and empower individuals to take action towards a more sustainable future.

Our journey is characterised by collaboration, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of positive change. By leveraging the power of creativity, community engagement, and strategic partnerships, we aim to build a world where environmental stewardship and social justice go hand in hand.

At LJD, we are passionate about transforming recycled and upcycled plastic waste into stunning, sustainable products that showcase Sabahan culture and empower marginalised communities. Our range of recycled plastic tourism products, including accessories adorned with Sabahan motifs and crafted from gold-plated stainless steel, exemplifies our commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Our approach to manufacturing is unique; we prioritise craftsmanship and sustainability over excessive technology. Unlike traditional methods that rely heavily on recycling technology like extruders and injection machines, we employ a semi-technological approach, minimising our carbon footprint.

For example, in crafting our earrings, we utilise sheet pressing techniques to mould the plastic waste into shape. We then meticulously refine the surface using grinders, craft knives, and scalpels to achieve a smooth finish. Each piece is meticulously crafted, ensuring durability and elegance.

Furthermore, drilling techniques are employed to create holes for attaching gold-plated stainless-steel studs, adding a touch of sophistication to the final product. Despite being made from recycled materials, our earrings are indistinguishable from traditional accessories, showcasing the beauty and versatility of plastic waste.


Product and Services:

At LJD, we believe in the transformative power of sustainable practices and community empowerment. By teaching marginalised communities, such as inmates and undocumented individuals in Sabah, we not only provide them with valuable skills but also foster a sense of purpose and belonging.

Our products stand out among competitors not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their positive impact on the environment and society. With LJD, you can wear stunning accessories with pride, knowing that you’re supporting a company dedicated to making a difference in the world. Did you know plastic waste can take up to 500 years just to decompose?