LTS Ventures

LTS Ventures is a pioneering FinTech company based in Laos. We empower villagers to run their village bank. We are dedicated to enhancing financial inclusion with the most innovative technologies across Southeast Asia. Founded by the visionary duo of Mrs. Lattana Keosihavong and Mr. Tim Scheffmann, LTS Ventures has revolutionised the concept of village banking with its innovative digital platform, Lan Xang Banker.

We process over 10,000 transactions daily, impacting more than 924 villages and empowering over 230,000 individuals with access to finance. Farmers, villagers, and families in rural areas can safely deposit money and have access to loans. LTS Ventures won the prestigious Global Inclusive FinTech 20 Award in 2022. In 2023, The Asian Banker recognised LTS as the most innovative Financial Inclusion Platform, and in 2024, LTS successfully participated in the FIWAM accelerator (Financial Innovation for Women Affected by Migration).

LTS Ventures continues to lead in digital financial innovation, contributing to Southeast Asia’s socio-economic growth and setting a benchmark for inclusive FinTech companies worldwide.


Product and Services:

LTS Ventures is a FinTech innovator in Southeast Asia committed to driving financial inclusion and rural empowerment through digital banking. Its flagship product, Lan Xang Banker, is a village banking platform that transcends the limitations of traditional banking by reaching remote areas with limited connectivity.

Key Offerings:

  1. Lan Xang Banker is a robust village bank platform that provides banking services to underserved rural communities and village banks, facilitating over 10,000 transactions daily.
  2. Green Finance: Support for eco-friendly projects, promoting environmental sustainability.
  3. Risk Management: Comprehensive risk assessments to protect investments and optimise returns.
  4. esearch & Development Projects: In-depth studies to enhance financial services for low-income groups and small enterprises.
  5. Training programs: LTS’ digital transformation, financial literacy, and business management training foster economic growth.

Distinctive Features: LTS leverages a blockchain-like shared ledger, ensuring secure and transparent transactions. This technology, coupled with the company’s AI decision support for loan decisions and the inter-village bank money market matchmaking, has strengthened
rural banking network capacity and has significantly impacted the financial landscape. Recently, LTS added green fund management, social welfare payments for older people, and climate change mitigation actions to its platform.

Impact: LTS’ initiatives have empowered over 230,000 individuals who are vulnerable to loan sharks and economic hardship. The digital village banking platform protects transactions and deposits against fraud. The advice and policy support ensure sustainable development that changes lives. Rural poverty is one of the region’s most challenging issues. LTS has established one of the largest rural banking networks to address the challenge and give people a better livelihood.

Competitive Edge: Unlike many FinTech firms that target urban centres, LTS Ventures prioritises rural areas, addressing the financial needs of the most marginalised. We bridge the last mile of financial inclusion and the digital divide. We ensure gender equality and encourage women to lead the village banking committees. Finally, we work well with ethnic minorities because our approach is community-based. This dedication to inclusivity and technological innovation positions LTS Ventures as a leader in the FinTech industry.

In summary, LTS Ventures stands out for its unique technology and social responsibility blend. It is a key player in Southeast Asia’s financial sector and a champion of inclusive growth.