ManekNya was founded by two Malaysian sisters, Swee Lin and Swee May, who shared a passion for preserving and promoting their cultural heritage. Both were drawn to the intricate beauty of this craft, and their love for it eventually led them to start this venture together. Swee Lin has a background in Social Entrepreneurship for the last eight years, previously co-founded PichaEats and currently, together with manekNya, she also runs her consulting business – Swee & Co., for young entrepreneurs. She majored in Finance and left her full-time job in 2016 to pursue her interest in running a meaningful business.

Malaysia & Singapore

Product and Services:

ManekNya is a blend of two words in the Baba language: “Manek,” which means beads, and “Nya,” which means mother. At Maneknya, we are committed to preserving and promoting the traditional craft of beadwork and Peranakan culture through our shoes and other lifestyle products.

Manek is a unique bead embroidery art. Each piece is embroidered delicately with distinctive patterns, which gives the wearer a perfect complement to any elegant outfit, traditional or modern. We use different types of beads, such as Miyuki glass beads and Czech glass beads, which are of the highest quality.