Moreloop’s online platform saves high-quality deadstock fabrics by curating them onto our online database, and providing a one-stop service for customers, fashion labels, and corporations alike to breathe new life into these fabrics and repurpose them into products with ease. Since 2018, we have upcycled 60,000 kgs of fabric, preventing over 900,000 kgs of CO2 emissions. We helped over 50 brands start and sustainably source their business through obtaining high-quality fabrics at a lower price and over 300 corporates to produce one-of-a-kind sustainable fabric uniforms and merchandise. We are working towards our mission to not only be a global leader of, but to also invite everyone to take part in, ‘making circular economy a reality’.

  • Thailand

Product and Services:

Moreloop offers a range of products:

  • Operate an online marketplace, selling surplus fabrics to fashion brands & SMEs.
  • Upcycle high-quality surplus fabric into customized products for corporates.
  • Upcycle high-quality surplus fabrics under their own brand, Moreloop, catering to retail consumers.