Native Discovery

Native Discovery co-creates businesses with entrepreneurial Orang Asli communities in Peninsular Malaysia to build pathways towards meaningful livelihoods and respectful narratives around their culture. They specialise in community-based tourism experiences which facilitate meaningful engagements between guests and their Orang Asli hosts. Native Discovery also operates Perisa Punan and Biji Bumi Durian, ventures which deliver unique cultural food products sourced from their community partners directly to customers in cities. Their vision is to nurture strong indigenous entrepreneurs while inviting support from the public to become indigenous allies to unlock national shared value.

  • Malaysia

Product and Services:

Native Discovery fosters economic opportunities for the Orang Asli community through leisure tours, educational programs, and corporate initiatives. Guests, including individuals, corporations, and organizations, participate in these experiences to learn about and actively contribute to empowering indigenous people in Malaysia. Their target audience includes academic institutions seeking holistic educational experiences, corporations aiming to engage with local communities and enhance their ESG profile, domestic travelers from upper-middle-income demographics in the Klang Valley with allocentric interests, and international travelers supporting local communities through authentic and trusted travel providers.