Noesa is a studio that creates traditional Indonesian art. Currently, we twirl and tie traditional motifs and colours from ikat Sikka, Maumere, a small town in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. From it, we curate segments from traditional patterns and present them in new colour combinations, creating products that will spice up your unique look. We’ve created functional fashion products for your daily activities.

  • Indonesia

Product and Services:

Our products are coloured with plant extracts, designed to minimise waste and use sustainable materials. We highlight culture, share local wisdom, and make it a part of your story.

We proudly work with local Indonesian artisans, upholding social responsibility with fair remuneration. By purchasing Noesa products, you will be wearing high-quality, sustainable fashion, directly supporting the development and continuation of the cultural legacy.
Eager to familiarise ikat Flores, our studio is open to engaging events related to traditional arts. We hope to share our products while also creating and preserving the narrative of Indonesian traditional textiles.