Oupus Organic

At Oupus Organic, nestled in the heart of Sabah, Borneo, we craft artisanal skincare from the seeds of Borneo wild mango and indigenous ingredients. Our commitment to sustainability shines through as we transform used cooking oil into premium liquid detergent, catering to those with delicate skin.

Our skincare range nurtures the skin and champions a circular economy, embodying our dedication to environmental stewardship. Empowering underprivileged mothers with flexible employment options, we pave the way for economic independence while fostering community growth through skill-building workshops.

Moreover, we extend our efforts to educate children on hygiene and environmental conservation essentials, creating a ripple effect of positive change.


Product and Services:

Oupus Organic’s product range caters to diverse needs with a focus on gentle, safe, and sustainable solutions. For those grappling with eczema, we offer a specialised lineup featuring an eczema balm, lip balm, and soap meticulously crafted to alleviate discomfort and promote skin health. Safe for kids and expectant mothers, these products provide relief without compromise.

In addition, our soothing face serum targets skin sensitivity and enhances elasticity, delivering a calming touch to stressed skin. For eco-conscious consumers, we proudly offer refillable options for liquid detergent, dishwashing, and laundry soap, championing sustainability while maintaining efficacy.

At Oupus Organic, every product is a testament to our commitment to gentle, effective skincare and environmental responsibility.