PakDone is a social enterprise whose vision is to see the world practising the cultures of sustainable living through connecting waste back to resources. PakDone provides city compost bins, workshops, event waste management and consulting services with the goal of bridging city living closer to nature. We started with collecting food waste from nearby market and restaurants to make our own compost. Through these activities, we realise the gravity of waste issue and how it is interconnected with our food security system. This led us to work on developing compost bins suitable for city setting, reducing waste, while also transforming city lifestyles at the same time.

  • Thailand

Product and Services:

PakDone provides waste management services and consultation to businesses, governments, and organizations, emphasizing composting and waste reduction to create a positive shift in infrastructure and community mindset. As pioneers in the market, we value honesty and focus on changing people’s perspectives, not just addressing waste issues. Their target market includes environmentally conscious homeowners aged 30 and above, living in big cities like Bangkok, Chiangmai, and UdonThani, seeking solutions that benefit both the environment and society.