, a home brand owned by Win Quarters Sdn Bhd, is a pioneering and leading traditional and complementary post-natal therapy provider.

Our tagline, “We Make New Mommies Happy,” reflects the commitment to supporting new mothers. This start-up, part of the 2016 MaGIC Accelerator Program for Social Enterprise Track (now MRANTI), offers comprehensive services, including mother and baby care packages and workshops on post-natal care, social innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Recognized as a Social Enterprise by the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperative (MEDAC), empowers targeted beneficiaries, such as B40 women and unemployed female graduates, by providing employment opportunities and income through post-natal care services.

Malaysia & Singapore

Product and Services:

Our company is principally engaged in providing confinement care, prenatal treatment, massage, post-natal therapy, breastfeeding, consultancy, and other related services.

  1. Post-Natal Care: Mother Care Service is a traditional and complementary therapy that includes post-natal massage, hot stone therapy, external herb application, tummy binding, womb uplifting, feminine steam, herbs and spices bath, body scrub, breast engorgement massage, head and scalp massage.
  2. Baby Care: Baby bath, massage, poultice, swaddle, babysit and co-sleep.
  3. Confinement Meals: Cuisine that is specially prepared and packed not only with nutritionally balanced food to nourish the body, help the mother recover full health, and boost the milk supply for the baby but also ideally are healthy and hearty meals. We offer home-cooked meals and daily delivery in Klang Valley.
  4. Post-Natal & Entrepreneurship Training Courses: Skills classes and certification for professional post-natal therapists involving in-depth theory, practical training in post-natal care, basic business jump-start, social innovation, start-up 101, and entrepreneurial and social entrepreneurship.
  5. Post-natal accessories encompassing retail products: some examples are a tummy binder, a Babycare poultice set, healthy snacks, and related tools and equipment like hot stones, herbs and spices, massage oils, etc.