Panyanivej Organic Farm

Develop best practices on sustainable and organic agriculture that is suitable in the context of Lao.

  • Lao PDR

The farm was christened “Panyanivej” –from the two Lao words “panya” (“wisdom”) and “nivej” (“ecology”) – to reflect our aspiration to exercise wisdom in nurturing a healthy ecology in which human and nature co-exist harmoniously. Here, we believe in an “integrated farming” system that promotes interdependence among plant and animal life in a balanced ecosystem. Panyanivej farm was founded by PADETC (a non-profit, Lao organization) in 2008 to promote and showcase organic farming using appropriate technologies. In 2014, Panyanivej became an independent social enterprise working to promote sustainable agriculture among farmers, students, tourists and general public.

Our concerns revolve around the issue of fast development and the fact that agricultural career has been left behind, lack of knowledge management on agriculture best practice that is practical and relevant in Lao context, there are a lot of projects on agriculture promotions but many are not sustainable, and new generation don’t know their own roots. We try to resolve that by develop best practices on organic agriculture that’s suitable in Lao context, be self-sustained as small scale business, be a learning organization, and be a fairtrade social business.

Product & Services

  1. Vegetable garden
  2. Research and design self-reliable farming techniques
  3. Market agriculture products through wholesale to schools, networks and communities, retail sales and farm to home delivery.
  4. Outdoor learning activities for youth and children.
  5. Agritourism activities for tourists.

Panyanivej plays an essential role in the local development as its main mission is to educate youth, professionals and even tourists about organic agriculture, agroecological practices, traditional lifestyle and local farming practices. The farm partners with many schools in Vientiane and hosts group of students for open classrooms. Somchit dedicates a part of her time to set up pop-up stores at school’s gates to display farm’s products and educate parents about healthy food.​

Panyanivej farm sells its products through different channels and has efficiently managed to secure many customers with which it has a long-term relationship. It provides rice, vegetables and fruits to private schools in Vientiane that value organic food and to local restaurants. The farm also sells its production through vegetable baskets that are delivered on a weekly basis​.