Parabelle Studios

Parabelle Studios was founded in 2020, which strives to provide every individual and every community the opportunity to showcase and appreciate their traditional culture, heritage and stories through the works produced. Through progressive storytelling and visual arts, the company hopes to promote representation and inclusivity, facilitate empathy amongst the new generations, and raise awareness about particular themes, issues and morals.

Parabelle Studios founded by Tina Afiqah, a Bruneian author deriving from Murut’s heritage. She has published works mostly revolving around fiction, folklore and fantasy, with her debut novel being longlisted for the Epigram Fiction Prize in 2022. She recently won the 2023 Women of the Future Awards for the Arts & Culture category. With a BaHons degree obtained in Creative Expressive Therapies and a Master’s in Counselling, Tina has worked with various individuals, from children with Special Educational Needs and behavioural issues, as well as war veterans and elder patients suffering from PTSD and dementia, to make a difference to everyone she meets.

Brunei Darussalam

Product and Services:

We produce original novels of readaptations of Bruneian folklore and children’s books containing modern readaptations of Bruneian proverbs and fables. The goals were to promote the traditional morals and lessons foretold within these stories once told by our elders and to adapt them in a way that could be universally appreciated and understood by new readers (both locally and internationally). We also create original characters based on these stories so that audiences have characters that they can resonate with and relate to. Alongside these characters, we have already created merchandising for pins, plushies, stickers, t-shirts, tote bags, and notebooks.

We also provide the following services for clients:

  • Writing services: (ghostwriting; scripts, jingle, slogans, captions, articles, company and individual profiles etc.)
  • Illustration services: (animation, character design, book illustrations, product design, arts etc.)
  • Workshop: (motivational talks, crash courses, team building workshop activities)