Rahsa Nusantara

Rahsa Nusantara is a local start-up from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, with a vision, mission, and desire to be a sustainable enterprise from the start; it weaves the essence of nature, herbs, and spices into a tapestry of well-being for a healthy and sustainable daily life for present and future generations. We designed production & consumption that is more circular by prioritizing local natural ingredients, environmental awareness, and empowerment. We have maintained this commitment to this day.

We want to continue growing with this commitment and strive to have a valid and measurable sustainability assessment. Some of the plans we have devised include building a sustainable supply chain system and roadmap, implementing an initial system to reduce emissions and waste within two years and a foundation for the next five years towards the 2030 Agenda, as well as building a team and expert network to support the vision.

  • Indonesia

Product and Services:

Since 2016, Rahsa Nusantara has combined the goodness of nature, herbs and spices to answer various challenges in achieving a healthy and sustainable life. These challenges include the challenges of the modern world, such as ease of technology, climate change, gaps in various aspects, automation, and changes in individual lifestyles. For this reason, Rahsa Nusantara hopes to return to being rooted in nature and nature as a solution.

Rahsa Nusantara strives for an ethical and responsible process by prioritizing natural, local ingredients, environmental awareness and empowerment. We instil the values of diversity, empathy, radical vulnerability, innovation, adaptability to change, growth mindset, long-term profitability and acceptance of problems.

In running a business in this sector, we always design production and consumption processes that are more circular and responsible. One of them is using glass bottle packaging for our products, which can be reused and returned. This is a form of commitment to reduce emissions and waste and run a sustainable and conscious business.

Various products have been created by Rahsa Nusantara, ranging from herbs, health supplements, collagen boosters, traditional drinks, natural syrups, and cooking spices, which are intended for young urbanites who are interested in a healthy lifestyle. This is in accordance with the main focus of Rahsa Nusantara, namely, living a healthy and conscious life for present and future generations.