Second Life

We are Second Life, a social enterprise dedicated to tackling plastic pollution in Southeast Asia. Our mission is to collect and recycle plastic waste from beaches and remote islands where plastic waste management is underdeveloped. We also financially empower local communities to improve their living conditions.

We collaborate with large companies committed to reducing their plastic footprint, working to address the critical issue of plastic pollution in our oceans. We are the world’s first project certified under the Verra Plastic Waste Reduction Standard.

We have successfully removed over 4,000 tonnes of plastic waste from the environment and supported over 200 local collectors.

Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam

Product and Services:

We offer a downstream solution for large companies to mitigate their plastic leakage until they can eliminate it from their operations. This approach aligns with corporations’ evolving sustainability plans, which increasingly prioritise proper waste management strategies and product lifecycle evaluations.

Our customers benefit from the Verra-certified program, providing them with independent verification and certification of their efforts to address plastic waste.

Revenues generated through partnerships with large corporations enable Second Life to incentivise the most vulnerable members of local communities, both formal and informal waste collectors, to recover waste from areas that are not easily accessible or profitable.

By giving plastic waste a ‘second life,’ we reduce the environmental impact of plastic pollution, support circular plastic supply chains, and generate income for vulnerable communities.