Surplus Indonesia

Our vision is to create an environment without food waste in Indonesia in order to support sustainable development goals.

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Surplus is an app that enable food retailers or farms to sell their overstock/imperfect products at the window time at half prices to the customers. Surplus aims to avoid edible and untouched meals end up in the landfill and become food waste.

Impact story: Together, we’ve rescued around 4000+ meals or equals to 500 kg of food also avoided Approx 18 tons of CO 2 emissions in 1 year. That’s the equivalent of the emissions from 18 million pounds of coal burned. Also, during COVID 19 we help the business owner to financially recover for their business to survive by selling their overstock/imperfect product during the lockdown situation that occurred in Indonesia (the stores is forced by the Government to close their store early every day) since we have prevented around $4000 USD in losses for business owners who join the movement.

Product & Services

  1. Surplus offer Flash-food Sale (50% o) through a mobile app to enable food-retailers to sell their overstock product/imperfect produce at the window time to the customers in order to avoid edible & untouched meals end up in the landfill and become food waste
  2. Surplus Rescue Food
  3. Surplus Share
  4. Surplus Class
Surplus does many activities such as
  • Surplus Food Rescue – Receiving activities from from donors that will be distributed to those in need​
  • Surplus Berbagi – Overproduced meals donations and/or financial support grants distribution activities from donors to the underprivileged communities​
  • Sunday Zero Food Waste – Offline campaign activities in public crowds on Sundays to raise awareness and give education regarding food waste problem​
  • Surplus Class – Surplus Community Forum member empowerment to upscale certain skill set​
  • Surplus Gatherings – Surplus Community Forum member activities to discuss & socialize regarding particular topics​