Therapy Lab

I am Nur Athirah Zul Fikar Ali, a dedicated fresh graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in Marketing from Albukhary International University. I have a keen interest in social business, demonstrated through my participation and leadership roles in various programs and competitions such as the Hult Prize On Campus Program, Social Entrepreneur for Rural Youth, and the EcoBiz Challenge Season 4. My leadership skills were honed through roles such as Team Leader and Key Person in the 3 ZERO Club, where I coordinated projects focused on environmental sustainability.

My practical experience includes an internship at myHarapan, where I worked on integrated marketing communications, and part-time roles as a Digital Marketer for Pasta Fullhouse and as an Entrepreneur for Therapy Lab. In these roles, I developed skills in social media content creation, customer communication, and strategic planning for social enterprises.

My academic and extracurricular excellence has been recognized with multiple awards, including the Top 3 Highly Commendable in M(a)copreneurs Accelerator Program and the MARA Outstanding Performance Award. Fluent in both Bahasa Melayu and English, I possess strong skills in leadership, problem-solving, project management, communication, and strategic planning, making me a valuable asset to any organisation.


Product and Services:

Therapy Lab specialises in producing scented candles using recycled cooking oil, addressing the significant issue of improper oil disposal, which often leads to water pollution. By sourcing used cooking oil from local suppliers, including university students and lecturers, Therapy Lab transforms waste into valuable, eco-friendly products.

Unique features of Therapy Lab’s candles include a strong commitment to sustainability and community impact. Each candle is crafted meticulously with high-quality wax. The candles come in various scents and sizes, appealing to a wide audience. The team has overcome numerous production challenges, such as sourcing consistent quality materials and balancing their business with academic responsibilities, showcasing their resilience and dedication.

What sets Therapy Lab apart from competitors is its dual focus on sustainability and social entrepreneurship. By raising awareness about proper cooking oil disposal and demonstrating the potential for recycling, Therapy Lab promotes positive environmental practices. Their vision includes expanding internationally, particularly to markets like Europe, where there is significant interest in unique, sustainable products.

Therapy Lab is more than a candle-making business; it is a movement towards sustainable living and community empowerment. By transforming waste into a source of income and promoting environmental stewardship, Therapy Lab stands out as a pioneering social enterprise dedicated to making a tangible difference locally and globally.