Tohe Social Enterprise

Tohe is a Vietnamese social enterprise founded in 2006 with an original mission of creating creative playgrounds for disadvantaged children. Tohe organises weekly art classes for disadvantaged children whose artworks are selected and printed in kid art and lifestyle products (with the brand Tohe). 5% of sales will be paid by Tohe to those children (who are called the ‘’little artists’’) as a tribute. Tohe’s products is being sold in both local and international markets.

In addition to products, Tohe also organises different edu-entertainment events (especially for children and their families), art exhibitions as creative service providers to national and international clients. Through all products and services, Tohe always love to promote and spread the playful spirit (“hồn nhiên” in Vietnamese). Just like how children be playful to everyone, we believe that playful spirit is one of the keys for every creativity and happiness.

  • Viet Nam

Product and Services:

  • Tohe Fun organizes weekly art playgrounds for disadvantaged children
  • Tohe Play free art playgrounds for not only disadvantaged children but also other children
  • Tohe designs, manufacture and sell lifestyle products and accessories.