Tulibot is a social enterprise committed to making communication accessible for people with hearing loss. Tulibot Smart Glasses enable real-time subtitling for group discussions, meetings, and everyday interactions, fostering inclusivity and understanding. With cutting-edge speech recognition technology, our glasses provide accurate speaker identification, seamlessly converting audio into visual subtitles within less than a second. The life-subtitled experience empowers individuals to engage effortlessly, breaking communication barriers and promoting social inclusion. Our mission is to ensure that everyone can participate and be heard, revolutionising the way we communicate and connect in a diverse world.

  • Indonesia

Product and Services:

Tulibot supports individuals with hearing disabilities through its speech-to-text solutions and innovative smart glasses that directly transcribe spoken language into text. The target market are people with hearing disability, in a broader usage of speech-to-text technology they also aim to target people with no hearing disability and business as it gives solution to recap meeting notes.