Vianco is a social enterprise that sells fresh goods ethically and sustainably. We aim to connect farmers directly to consumers and businesses through an integrated distribution channel. We intend to improve farmers income and at least lift them out of poverty.

  • The Philippines

A social impact driven enterprise focused on improving agriculture by selling fresh produce ethically and sustainably.

Vianco exists to help our local farmers to simplify the way they sell their produce and improve their farming business through capacitybuilding sessions. Our goal is to reduce poverty in the sector and help farmers and their families to have an improved quality of life.

Product & Services

  1. Agricultural e-commerce: from supply chain operations ranging from logistics, storage, final packaging and quality control.
  2. Learniversity Programme: capacity building for young farmers on several topics such as business and organisational management, financial management, personality development, communication skills and farming related information.

The #ViancoJourney started in the Manila leg of the Hult Prize, an international competition for early-stage social enterprises. Our idea aims to address youth unemployment in rural communities by connecting their parents who are smallholder farmers directly to customers thru an e-commerce platform and equipping them to become agripreneurs.​

They became speakers in LSEED Talks, a webinar series featuring social entrepreneurs, incubators, accelerators, and ecosystem enablers. It primarily endeavors to raise awareness about the concept of social entrepreneurship and its potential as a strategy for SDG Localization and poverty alleviation..