Devoted to elevate the lives of people living with mental illness. We care aim to address several issues such as 41,000 untreated mental illness cases in Lao PDR.

  • Lao PDR

Wecare devoted to elevate the lives of people living with mental illness. Wecare is the 1st and only mental health startup in Laos.

In Laos, mental health professionals are limited, especially psychiatrists. There are 41 people in totalfor the whole country. Imagine someone who lives in Attapeu Province, is suering from mental illness,he/she has to travel 13 hours from their hometown to Vientiane to have 2 hours of counsel with apsychiatrist that he/she trusts. Therefore we believe that having the mental health platform will help alot in terms of convenience and eciency.In wecare platform, we plan to have 3 main features: basic counseling (active/supportive listening forthose who have suering in life but not diagnosed), standard counseling (treatment for those whohave mental illness), and emergency call (hotline for those who are about to take their own life).

Product & Services

Digitalisation: to save somebody’s life faster

Website: to raise more awareness and eradicate cultural stigma.

Mobile app: to connect people with mental illness with psychiatrists at their fingertips.