Will to Live Center

The Will to Live Center (WLC) is a social enterprise, based in Hanoi, Vietnam, that provides free inclusive computer and life skills training courses, to people with disabilities, in order to help them find employment and integrate fully into society.

  • Viet Nam

The Will to Live Center (WLC) is a Hanoi based nonprofit that provides free computer and life skills training courses to people with disabilities in order to help them find employment and integrate fully into society. WLC also runs several social initiatives with the goal of ending the discrimination and stigma that people with disabilities face on daily basis.

With support from foreign and domestic donors, our training program has been able to grow and excel over the years. Up to this day, we have received 14 awards and certificates for impact from social entrepreneurs, 80% of our student found employment after graduation with 5.000.000 vnd/month as our student’s average salary, and more than 1000 students have been trained in IT, basic English skills, Microsoft Word, and Marketing Online.

Product & Services

  • Training Center & training activity: photoshop software, office software, English, soft skills
  • Services
  • Outsourcing
    • Data Labelling
    • Recruiting People with Disabilities for Companies
    • Consultation on improving the workplace environment
  • Awareness-raising activity on disability rights

In 2019, Will to Live Center initiated the event “I am Beautiful. You too!” – a fashion show for women with disabilities with the aim of embracing and respecting the beauty of diversity and differences. The event Is part of communication campaign in response to gender-based violence, domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking problem. According to a survey given by Yarrow Place – South Australia, over 80% of women get raped in their house, particularly women with disabilities. After such experiences, women often feel guilty and may begin to view their bodies as inferior because of their disabilities.​

The main goals of the “I am beautiful. You too!” event is to deepen society’s understanding of disabilities, change long-held negative perceptions towards people with disabilities, as well as encourage people with disabilities to believe in and love themselves more, integrate more into society, and raise their voices.

Link: https://en.nghilucsong.net/blog/2019/08/16/event-i-am-beautiful-you-too/