Z-waka is a groundbreaking Singapore-based digital healthcare platform revolutionising medical education and healthcare access across Southeast Asia. Established in 2021, Z-waka addresses the critical gap in continuing medical education (CME) and professional development for healthcare professionals (HCPs). Our mission is to ensure that HCPs, irrespective of location or socio-economic status, have access to quality education and a supportive community. Z-waka combines cutting-edge technology with medical expertise to create an accessible, engaging, and interactive learning environment. The platform offers various educational resources, including video tutorials, articles, live webinars, and peer-to-peer learning opportunities tailored to HCPs’ needs, enhancing their knowledge and skills.

Cambodia, Myanmar, Singapore, Vietnam

Product and Services:

  • Z-waka Platform for Healthcare Professionals (HCPs)

Z-waka leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies to personalise the learning experience for each HCP. This ensures the delivery of relevant content based on individual knowledge levels, interests, and clinical needs, making learning efficient and effective. Our platform encourages active community engagement, allowing HCPs to share insights, discuss medical cases, and collaborate on best practices. Our impact extends beyond individual professional development. In regions like Myanmar, where political instability has disrupted traditional healthcare systems, Z-waka has become an essential resource for HCPs, providing support and continuity in medical education. In Vietnam, where we launched in 2023, we have quickly expanded, engaging over 17,000 HCPs and collaborating with more than 50 healthcare organisations to offer comprehensive CME programs.

  • Z-waka Platform for Healthcare Organizations (HCOs) and Commercial Clients

As a social enterprise, Z-waka is committed to healthcare equity. We work closely with healthcare organisations (HCOs) and commercial clients, including pharmaceutical and medical device companies, to develop and disseminate high-quality educational content. This collaboration supports our mission and enables HCOs to reduce administrative burdens and reach a wider audience of HCPs.

Looking to the future, Z-waka plans to expand its services to Cambodia and Southeast Asia, continuously innovating to meet the evolving needs of the healthcare community. We aim to create a more informed, connected, and empowered network of healthcare professionals who can drive positive change in developing countries’ patient care and healthcare systems.